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Products such as chia, maca and quinoa have become perfect allies for an eco-friendly and healthier lifestyle.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Official governmental agreements
    1. Official brand
    2. Main agreements
  3. Superfoods and their qualities
    1. Biodiversity
    2. Superfoods
    3. Dedicated export companies
    4. Helpful platforms to import to Europe

Peru and superfoods, the huge business that you can’t miss out

It is no secret that Peru has a wide variety of natural products that contribute significantly to a healthier life. Products such as chia, maca and quinoa have become perfect allies for a more eco-friendly and healthier lifestyle. One of the main attributes that Peru possesses is the traditional way of production, in fact, it can produce in large quantities thanks to the latest technology and innovation, but with the fresh, handcrafted and efficient methods of a lifetime.

Peru, in 2017, decided to launch a specific official brand of Superfoods, “Superfoods Peru”, to promote the best of its national production, having such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available in its different climates and regions (coast, mountains, and jungle). 

Similarly, Peru possesses all the essential elements to establish export operations in a simple and fast manner, and from its key location and ports to get any export to Europe.

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This, in addition to the international agreement that Peru currently has known as the EU-Colombia-Peru-Ecuador Trade Agreement.

The main benefits of the agreement are:

  • Improved conditions for trade through new rules on non-tariff barriers, competition, transparency and intellectual property rights
  • Reduced or zero tariffs on almost all goods
  • Improved access to investment and public procurement markets

Simply put, the Peru-Europe trade agreement is the ideal scenario for safe, efficient, and timely imports. Opportunities are getting more concrete for Peruvian businesses and their European partners as trade flows continue to grow, and more food products are now widely available to European consumers.

Superfoods and their qualities

Now let’s talk about superfoods, which is a term used for natural foods with large nutritional characteristics, even in small amounts. This means that much is obtained from their nature with little chemical or human intervention. Peru is so geographically, climatically and culturally diverse that it is easy to harvest these amazing foods.

This makes Peru an excellent source for all these nutritious and beneficial foods!

Peru is one of the top five biodiversity-rich countries in the world, with 28 of the 32 types of weather conditions that exist in the world, meaning its potential for food production is incredible.

To sum up, in this very favorable scenario, we have an international agreement, the right actors to carry out the process, and a trade platform created specifically to facilitate trade between Peru and Europe. Therefore, you only need to select the products that are the best to import from Peru, given your market demand.

  • Avocado: Perhaps one of the most renowned fruits in recent years. It’s also known as aguacate, aguaco, ahuaca, cura, pagua, palta or perse. Undoubtedly, this delicious fruit has impressive health benefits, in addition to being a totally healthy fat, it supplies potassium, vitamin E and B9. But the most interesting thing is that its worldwide consumption increases by 10% every year. It is produced almost everywhere in Peru, so much so that Peru is the second largest exporter in the world. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • If you prefer vegetables instead, the best option is asparagus. With many vitamins and minerals, this vegetable is harvested all year round and produced sufficiently for domestic consumption and foreign demand. Did you know that Peru is the second largest exporter of asparagus worldwide? This vegetable is high in fiber and water, making it the perfect ally for reducing colon cancer, delaying aging and preventing cognitive deterioration in the brain.

Keep in mind that the companies involved here are organizations specifically dedicated to the production and distribution of these superfoods. They produce with the highest quality standards around the world. In Peru Foods’ B2B platform, you will find their business profiles and products. You can contact them to buy directly and/or request a free sample of the product that interests you the most, so you learn about the production process from the get-go.

What are you waiting for? Engage with our top producers!


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