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How delivery works?

Delivery is door to door trough a courier service, with no cost to your company.


Are samples available?

Samples are available from various companies in different categories. You can choose as many samples as possible from companies and their categories. Upon registration and following your sample selection, you will be put in touch with the producer (or producers) that you have requested samples from, so that your interest and shipment details can be confirmed. The producer will get back to you immediately and confirm your company qualifies their criteria, for the free delivery of the sample(s).

Following the delivery of samples to your company, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with the Peruvian producers, to learn your opinion about the product(s) and answer any questions you may have, including buying the product(s).

We want to learn about your needs and interests, so that we can open the possibility for future business. You are not obligated to buy the product. As a company you may have several samples orders and several meetings with the participating Peruvian companies at different times. Please feel free to order samples from companies if you are interested in their products.

Who we are?

Who we are?

Promperu is Peru’s official trade promotion organization. We assist Peruvian companies in exploring and doing business abroad.
The Peruvian food industry has become one of the world’s leading food exporters, and we want to help our companies grow their business in the global market, while also diversifying into more value-added food categories.
We are managing this project from our Netherlands office in Rotterdam. There are six other Promperu offices in Europe: Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, and Paris, with which we collaborate closely.

Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Agency — PROMPERU – is a decentralized legal entity governed by public law. It operates under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) and enjoys administrative, technical, economic, and operative independence. It is included in the nation’s budget under a separate line item. PROMPERU’s mandate is to propose and execute plans and strategies to promote exports of goods and services, and domestic and inbound tourism, by promoting and disseminating Peru’s image, in line with the Ministry’s policies and objectives. These activities are carried out in coordination with other government agencies, each acting within the framework of their respective competencies, and with industry.

To position Peru in the global scene by promoting the nation’s image as a tourist destination and producer of value-added products, thus contributing to the nation’s sustainable and decentralized development.


To be the best export and tourism promotion agency in Latin America, in terms of both results and recognition.

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