Incasur – Industrias Alimenticias Cusco S.A.
Incasur is a leading company in the production, marketing and export of foods made from ancestral Andean grains (Quinoa, Kiwicha (Amaranth), among others) and products derived from Cocoa, which make up the category of ready-to-drink and instant beverages in retail display. The company has a track record and commercial experience of 50 years in the national market, and 14 years in the international market.

SINCE: 1971

MAIN MARKETS: USA, Spain, Chile and Japan

MAIN PRODUCTS: Oatmeal bar - VITALMAX, Oatmeal Superfood, Instant Quinoa Flakes - INCASUR, Quinoa Cookies - INCASUR, and Chocolate flavor bar Sol del Cusco




CONTACT PERSON: Theodoro Ortiz

PHONE: 51989204127