Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Agency — PROMPERU

Who is behind the scenes

Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Agency is a decentralized legal entity governed by public law. It operates under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) and enjoys administrative, technical, economic, and operative independence. It is included in the nation’s budget under a separate line item.

PROMPERU’s mandate is to propose and execute plans and strategies to promote exports of goods and services, and domestic and inbound tourism, by promoting and disseminating Peru’s image, in line with the Ministry’s policies and objectives.

These activities are carried out in coordination with other government agencies, each acting within the framework of their respective competencies, and with industry.

Our Mission

To position Peru in the global scene by promoting the nation’s image as a tourist destination and producer of value-added products, thus contributing to the nation’s sustainable and decentralized development.

To be the best export and tourism promotion agency in Latin America, in terms of both results and recognition.

Our Vision

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