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5 Reasons why your company will be interested in importing from Peru in 2023

If there has been a country that has set a paradigm in terms of exporting natural superfoods rich in vitamins and minerals, it is Peru.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Peru
    1. Peru offers everything all year
    2. Everything is handmade
    3. Peru dominates the world market for fruit and vegetables
    4. International agreements with EU
    5. Business allies
  3. Governmental boost

5 Reasons why your company will be interested in importing from Peru in 2023

Since ancient times, the dynamics of international trade have played a very important role in the development of economies. People have been able to make progress through trade in order to improve their quality of life.

Currently, there is a great demand in the world for natural, organic, gluten-free or simply products that are eco-friendly with the planet and human health.

The great news is that, if there has been a country that has set a paradigm in terms of exporting natural superfoods rich in vitamins and minerals, it is Peru. The reason? It is very simple: the diversity of soils and weather it has, as well as fruits, vegetables, tubers and native roots that are extremely rich and beneficial for the human body.

Organic Lucuma Powder

Therefore, below you can discover the main reasons to import from Peru:

1) Peru’s got everything, all year long. Yes, indeed, Peru is a country that can be so diverse in its lands and weather conditions, that it is able to supply what you need when you need it. The major features of super-food dynamics include the production of fruits, vegetables and cereals. So if you need to offer a diet rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and C, fruits such as camu camu, aguaymanto (goden berry), blueberry, custard apple, pomegranate, soursop, lucuma, mango or avocado can be your perfect choice. Take camu camu, which has 10 times more vitamin C than an orange and 40 times more than a lemon; just 3 grams of this fruit is enough to cover a daily dose.

2) Peruvian Expertise. In Peru, the most traditional forms of production and agriculture are still maintained for extracting the best of each fruit and vegetable while respecting the ecosystem. All this is due to the best agricultural techniques in the world and the constant innovation of companies.

3) Peru is currently dominant in the global fruit and vegetable market. You may have heard of foods like organic bananas, quinoa, artichokes and blueberries. It turns out that most of them come from Peru! This sends a clear message: Peru has the weather conditions, the ideal soils, but also the appropriate infrastructure for conducting international relations and business.

4) At present there is an international agreement between Peru and Europe, known as the EU-Colombia-Peru-Ecuador Trade Agreement. The agreement offers everything necessary for free and rules based trade between Peru and all the members of the European Union.

A decisive aspect of this entire process is undoubtedly Peru´s choice of free and fair trade, and the importance the European market has for its food producers that seek growth, development and the economic benefits international trade brings.

5) Peru has created a website dedicated to facilitating the entire process. Participating companies showcase their best products and are prepared to process orders and send samples to potential customers, especially in the Benelux and Scandinavian markets.

Companies and products:

  • Agrocosecha Paz: beans, quinoa, chia, maca, amaranth, giant corn, paprika.
  • Candela: nut oils, nut snacks
  • Danper: Artichokes, Peppers, ready meals, gourmet sauces and fruit
  • Deguste: Quinoa, Chia, Amaranth, Cacao, Canihua, Ginger
  • Dried Foods: choco nibs, energy bars, choco snacks, organic chocolate bars
  • Ecoandino: Cacao, Yacon, Maca, Lucuma, Camu Camu, Golden Berry, Ginger, Turmeric, Purple Corn, Green Coffee
  • Fusion Foods: IQF mango chunk, strawberry, blueberry, avocado, passionfruit pulp,cherimoya pulp,frozen ethnic products such as whole corn and kernels,pre cooked giant corn,yellow cassava,red hot pepper,yellow pepper,lime pepper,sweet potato,Seasoning and drinks such as panca pepper paste,anticucho dressing,pachamanca dressing,grilled chicken dressing,ethnic products such as mote,chulpe corn,quinoa,canary beans,peeled wheat,dry yellow potato,lima beans,purple corn, snacks such as  exotic potato,white corn,sweet potato,plantain chips,andean mix,salted crunchy chulpi corn, salted crunchy white corn,cancha corn, broad beans, ginger
  • Gandules: Peppers, Jalapeños, Chillis
  • Greenbox: Dried Fruits, Superfood Powders, Fruit Puree

  • Incasur: Oatmeal bar – VITALMAX, Oatmeal Superfood, Instant Quinoa Flakes – INCASUR, Quinoa Cookies – INCASUR, and Chocolate flavor bar Sol del Cusco
  • Kumara Foods: Maca, Lucuma, Sacha Inchi, Chia, Quinoa, Banana, Algarrobo
  • Naturik (Osho): Cold Pressed Sacha Inchi Oil, Cold Pressed Chia Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Plant Based Protein Powders, Superfoods in Powders, Extruded Cereals and Snacks
  • Wiraccocha: Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia, Maca, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder, Cacao Beans, Ginger, Goldenberry, Stews, Lucuma, Turmeric.


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